the music created by Floyd Kelly


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Floyd Kelly

Thank you for stopping by.  Here’s a unique library of music I have created which encompasses years of work.  The music has a lot of extended melodies, twists and turns, making some of it unpredictable – with some R&B, Pop, Jazz, Orchestra and guitars galore thrown in for good measure.

This music is designed to enhance your daily routine or when you want to get away from the day.

Available on iTunes
Floyd Kelly Music Available on iTunes

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Saying My Goodbyes

Guide Star Pegasi – Sepia’s Waltz – The Lucky Ones – Deep Sympathies – Barter Time – Our True Selves – The Winter Blackbird – Saying my Goodbyes – Greener Pastures – The Beacons of Hope


Escape from Earth

(Add Date:  3/25/2016)

Click to Listen

•  Echoes of Peace • Hope for More • The Builders • 
• Dreamer’s Paradise • Keria’s Waltz • Intermission • 
• Crying in a Motel Room • Mr. Clue •
• So You Want to be a Hero •
• Wonder as a Child • Caravans • 
Escape from Earth by Floyd Kelly
Back of Album Cover for Escape from Earth





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