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Floyd Kelly Music Available on iTunes

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Saying My Goodbyes

Guide Star Pegasi – Sepia’s Waltz – The Lucky Ones – Deep Sympathies – Barter Time – Our True Selves – The Winter Blackbird – Saying my Goodbyes – Greener Pastures – The Beacons of Hope


Escape from Earth

(Add Date:  3/25/2016)

Click to Listen

•  Echoes of Peace • Hope for More • The Builders • 
• Dreamer’s Paradise • Keria’s Waltz • Intermission • 
• Crying in a Motel Room • Mr. Clue •
• So You Want to be a Hero •
• Wonder as a Child • Caravans • 
Escape from Earth by Floyd Kelly
Back of Album Cover for Escape from Earth





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