Escape from Earth (part II)

I decided to embellish more on the story, “Escape from Earth” with the second installment titled “Escape from Earth: The Age of Despair”.

Once again this science-fiction story is set in the future.  “EFE: The Age of Despair” takes place starting in the year 2048 – two years before the first launches of the space-faring IXP2 – taking humanity to other places in the universe.

The first installment was successfully printed and is currently in distribution via Amazon and many major on-line retailers.  Bundled with the music CD is a 20-page booklet and on page 1 the story mentions a “methane cataclysm” in the opening remarks to the crowd by Dr. Cedar Jackson.

In this second part, “EFE: The Age of Despair”, the story opens just after the “methane cataclysm” event.  The story transitions over a period of two years and tales of woe are spun as our “apocalyptic” future unfolds and highlights how it impacts the personal lives of people around the world.



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