Collector’s Item: “Benevolence”

It is something I never thought I would say in my lifetime.  That I created something and is now a “collector’s item”.

The year 2012 marked my first musical release via compact disc and it was terrible.  Some of the worst music ever composed – if you can call it composing.  That being said, only 100 were printed and they have been scattered to the winds.  Only two of these are in my possession.  If you come across “Benevolence”, keep it; for it may be worth something someday.  The music CD is registered with the United States Library of Congress and I apologize to the people at the Library of Congress who had to listen to this musical.

The music in “Benevolence” is over-compressed and soaked in reverb.  As terrible as it is/was – unbelievably, listeners chose three pieces of music from the album as the highlights – “The Forward Thinker”, “Linda’s Song” and “Lovin’ Summer”.  Several of the tracks on “Benevolence” went on to the process of re-composing, re-mixing and re-mastering and formed music I used later in my music journey.

Now, here I am in 2016 working on my 4th album now and releasing in Spring 2017.  I have come a long way since “Benevolence” and hopefully I will continue to create exotic musical material.

Album Cover; “Benevolence”. Copyright 2012. Floyd Kelly.




My Album Cover Images

I thought I did a pretty good job on my album cover for “Escape from Earth”.  It is quite unique in many respects.  Firstly, it was created using 3D software.  The modified “space shuttle” is actually a 3D model provided to the public by NASA.  I modified the NASA space shuttle orbiter 3D model for this story and cover.  The earth image in the center is by Face of the Earth and ArcScience(TM) also provided to the public.

Escape from Earth Album Cover


I decided to continue with the storyline by developing part II of “Escape from Earth” and I’m having quite the time trying to create another splishy-splashy cover image.  Like any good album cover, people should see it and “wanna pick it up” to look at more!  It’s a tough job … thus far, 2 months have been spent on the next cover image with nothing to show yet as I am undecided on the “iconic” nature of the image.

And yes, I know you are not interested in any of this probably – but that’s okay – it’s some writing time put in on my blog.

Hope you are having a great day.


Escape from Earth (part II)

I decided to embellish more on the story, “Escape from Earth” with the second installment titled “Escape from Earth: The Age of Despair”.

Once again this science-fiction story is set in the future.  “EFE: The Age of Despair” takes place starting in the year 2048 – two years before the first launches of the space-faring IXP2 – taking humanity to other places in the universe.

The first installment was successfully printed and is currently in distribution via Amazon and many major on-line retailers.  Bundled with the music CD is a 20-page booklet and on page 1 the story mentions a “methane cataclysm” in the opening remarks to the crowd by Dr. Cedar Jackson.

In this second part, “EFE: The Age of Despair”, the story opens just after the “methane cataclysm” event.  The story transitions over a period of two years and tales of woe are spun as our “apocalyptic” future unfolds and highlights how it impacts the personal lives of people around the world.


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