Photo at 140,300 ft.

Escape from Earth

We are adrift in deep space. Colonel Meyers has initiated SOS Beacon protocols. Embedded In these log entries (CAT09827) you will find the first clues for building the first quantum L-Jump for our rescue and, more importantly; for sending the STC Impulse into the past.  GO SEC7

Protocol Pegasi, the Koch2 Snowflake combined with the SIFs and SQUID* technologies are the keys to finding us. Our rescue is secondary to the primary mission – to send the STC Impulse into the past. GO SEC7 APPROVAL

If you are reading this; I am approaching 88 years old in your time; KERIA a.i. has informed me that with the qL-Jump failure and space/time variance, I am now 448 years old. It’s something that I have a hard time grasping in my mind. KERIA a.i. informed the crew we are near Orange Med Proto 9 – meaning; my crew will go into a deep sleep and this entire vessel becomes a cryo. There is no rescue and we will drift amongst the stars for too many years to count.

The music CD “Escape from Earth” (11 tracks) is bundled with a 20-page science-fiction story booklet.  Shown above, are three excerpts from the text.  For the full story, you may purchase the physical product via

You can download several different-sized versions of the full-page graphics that appear in the music CD product “Escape from Earth”.  One additional graphic of page 17 is available for your deciphering and de-coding pleasures..

Go to The Internet Archive to download.

Click here to view the music CD “Escape from Earth” launched to the edge of space.


Photo at 140,300 ft.
Photo of the music CD “Escape from Earth” by Floyd Kelly (2016) – taken by Earth to Sky Calculus at 104,300 ft. on June 8, 2016


Album Cover – Escape from Earth



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