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Thank you to the folks at for their reviews of “Hope for More” from my album “Escape from Earth”.

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Thank you to White Sun for the nice review on

This is such a cool project. Floyd Kelly’s Escape from Earth is an 11 track album that is made up of 11 instrumental compositions that act as a score to the 20 page science fiction story printed with the CD in the accompanying booklet. The music is keyboard and synthesizer driven, and like most good musical scores, it is very evocative. The album takes you on a real journey. So far I have only listened to the music, which is just fantastic, but I can’t wait to read the story. The music has a cool futuristic tonal quality, but is really listenable, and flows through a lot of different moods. It’s jazzy and funky, and has a narrative feel. It’s fun to listen to these tracks, because one track really drives you along into the next. There is a real story here, just listening to the music, you can tell that. I am super pumped to get into the story! The booklet comes with multiple animations and infographics too. Escape from Earth is really original and interesting, and a great listen. Recommended!

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Music Review of “Escape from Earth” (2016)

Thank you to Rohan Kay in Australia!

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The Doorway - A Sonic Journey (Album Cover)

A few years ago I released my music CD “The Doorway”.  Although it may be creative; in terms of production quality – nah.  I have learned this having created over 50 pieces of music and have gone far beyond in my skill set.  The review by Alex Spalding is very gratuitous.  I say that with a smile.  This music CD “The Doorway” released in 2014 is now a collector’s item – only 100 were printed and have been dispersed to the winds.

Here is a quote by Mr. Spalding regarding the opening music track titled “Towards the Light”.

… alright, we’re here! As mentioned, the first piece is ‘Towards The Light’, which starts us off with lovely, deep and rich string overtures. Melodic, they seem to be working to build an anticipation that reaches its apotheosis soon enough when joined by a functional but disappointingly flat rhythmic layer. Despite the flatness, the melodic components, comprised of various strings and piano, manage to surpass and amaze. They swoop us away deftly to realms of bliss and imagination. I feel as if I am clutched in the talons of a great bird who is carrying me over green, pastoral fields, through bright blue skies and maybe periodically we even soar over a cover of clouds, which would be pretty cool too. Yes, I can almost feel this. Toward the end, the piano seems to have an enticing punch, as though the keys were being forcefully driven down by passionate fingers.

His craft would also seem to reflect this personality, insofar as I’ve been exposed to it. It’s warm, grandiose, inviting, a bit quirky; the art of a forward-looking, creative and sensitive person who puts a premium on interpersonal relations with others. Isn’t that almost… new age music in a nutshell?

You can click here to read the entire review of “The Doorway” (2014) by Floyd Kelly.

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