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Floyd Kelly 4 Music Album Releases

Floyd KellyFloyd Kelly hails from a small mountain community in Washington state; US – a storybook town of about 500 people. The motion picture “The Postman” was filmed in this beautiful area with picturesque mountains, evergreens and rivers.

Floyd is a warm-hearted and funny guy in-person.  His home life is a humble one compared to metropolitan living.  In his words, “I’m kind of like a hobbit, who wakes every morning to sit down with pen and paper to write a story – except I’m writing new music and I create music everyday in a place of beauty.  This is my existence and I really enjoy it.  I do it for the love of creating.”

Floyd Kelly is a 3rd year Associate Member of The Recording Academy and a registered composer and publisher with ASCAP.  As of December 2016, Floyd has created 50 new and original musical compositions in a short time span of just 4 years.  Floyd also engineers the sounds in his music, working each song to detail.

Discography includes:  “Benevolence vol. 1″ (2013), “The Doorway – A Sonic Journey” (2014) and “HeliosXII” in 2015 – the results of a 12-Month music writing challenge and “Escape from Earth” (2016) – a science-fiction story.  “Saying My Goodbyes”, an 11-track contemporary instrumental album will be released Spring 2017.

Floyd is licensed as a dba and provides music entertainment via on-line digital access and physical product. In addition to music, Floyd is well-versed in the creation of 3D art – noticeable with his album covers and on-line presentations. He creates his own product complete with musicality, presentation, telling a story in the liner notes, the artwork – all for a finished product for retail consumption.


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